Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Going Green is Easy

Project 7 is always coming up with something interesting. This week was about how to Be Green ideas that they got from a magazine but still worthwhile. I added my take onto their list below.

1. Farm Fresh – get to know a local farmer - My dad is a farmer and I developed a love of fresh produce. Austin has great farmer's markets and organic grocery delivery with places such as Greenling.
2. Reuse – drink water from a reusable water bottle - Love my Sigg Hello Kitty bottle!
3. Get outside – skip the gym and exercise outdoors - Hard sometimes in Texas but sweating can be a good thing.
4. Unwrap – reuse your Ziplock bags - Unless you've put something like raw meat inside.
5. Go Fish – eat sustainable fish (visit the Blue Ocean Institute for more information) - Got a great Seafood app for my phone that tells me what fish I should buy.
6. Eco-Chic Bag – bring a reusable bag to the supermarket - I will stroll proudly into any Austin grocery store carrying my Texas Tech reusable bag.
7. Go Vegetarian – Eat a meal or two without meat - That's a little hard for me to do but I'll try.
8. Save Power – remember to unplug your electronics - Hubby always remembers to unplug the TV every night.
9. Cut Paper Use – cancel the phone book delivery - Who uses a paper phone book anymore?
10. Go Digital – sign up for online banking and stop receiving paper statements - Done!

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