Thursday, January 5, 2012

Giving Till It Hurts

The first of the year is past and if you didn't make your end of year giving, well it's too late. I've been guilty of making those end of year donations to get tax benefits. Am I really giving from the heart? I tend to think that maybe I'm not. I'm thinking of the tax relief I hope to get and not get dinged with a big tax payment. That makes me feel sad that I'm giving out of necessity and not out of generosity.

I hear people say that they will give when they get rich or give when they get a bonus or give to get tax savings. But why do we truly give? I support a number of causes and try to give especially when there is a special need. For AustinPetsAlive, it's when a dog or cat needs life saving surgery or special help to correct a problem. Giving needs to come from a place of abundance not in money but in spirit. It should take place not at the end of the year but all year long.

I'm resolved to change my spirit and give anytime and not when it falls on a certain day or when disaster strikes. I want my giving to be a part of my everyday living.

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