Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Brand Loyalty

As Branding Manager for Austin Pets Alive, I'm always looking at all the printed pieces we produce for various APA events and collateral. I look to make sure that the logo is correct, the colors are our brand colors, the fonts are our brand standards but lately I've tried to see more.

For a nonprofit, branding goes beyond colors or fonts, it's about feelings. What does someone feel when they see our brand? Is it conveying our mission or goals?

Chris Brogan writes a blog post that talks about designing a "First Day Experience". How can you turn your online community into that place that is inviting and open? Telling a story that the audience wants to hear? Check out his blog post here http://www.chrisbrogan.com/firstday/

So when I work with our designers on an event flyer or poster, the story I hope we tell is that with anyone's help, we can save more pets lives. It's that simple. It's a feeling that I hope we can tell to someone new that has never heard of Austin Pets Alive. That they can take away that we (and me) want to give dogs and cats the lives they deserve to live and the love they deserve to receive.

I want to help create the brand advocates that go out and spread the word of APA on their own. Because they can see our mission in everything we do and produce.

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