Monday, June 20, 2011

Twitter Does Some Good

As a Twitter user and social media follower, I wondered how my tweets could make a difference. I've started tweeting officially for Austin Pets Alive and I'm always looking for creative ways to spread the news in 140 characters or less. APA has so many needs that well, need tweeting. Fosters for new pets pulled from Town Lake Animal Shelter, donations, people to adopt the pets, donations for surgery and more. I try to be creative to catch people's attention so that they will spread the word around their group of Twitter followers.

I also tweet for Kiva and Project 7, mostly retweeting but I'm hoping word gets around. One thing about Twitter, I never knew is that random people start following you. Do they love what I'm tweeting? Do they think I'm such a Shakespeare that my tweets are going to revolutionize the cause I'm tweeting about? Nope, they just want followers in hopes I will follow them back. Bummer.

But I think occasionally someone likes what I tweet and maybe follows me or my APA tweets. Last week, tweeting helped dogs find fosters to care for them. It may be small but it's more than worth it. 140 characters could change the world or at least my corner of it.

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