Monday, February 15, 2010

How a T-shirt Can Change the World

I love hearing about ways people are going about changing the world through something small but making it into something big. This is from the Project 7 blog but a truly unique way to help others especially those that may not have a voice/

Hello Rewind is a social enterprise that recycles your old t-shirts into something new and useful. They make a custom laptop sleeves that will protect your laptop and look good too? Got an old Depeche Mode t-shirt that you just can't part with because it brings back great memories? Hello Rewind can make it into a stylish and protective laptop sleeve that shows everyone you still can be cool.

They're working with
Restore NYC, a non-profit organization focusing on providing holistic services to help sex trafficking survivors in New York City reintegrate back into society.

From the Hello Rewind blog: We're working with the women to train them in the skills that will help right now -- English, sewing, and basic business skills. The training programs are free in conjunction with the services Restore NYC already provides them. Many of the laptop sleeves made through Hello Rewind are hand-crafted by sex trafficking survivors, and we hope that they become an integral part of our business operations. After supporting the sex trafficking suvivors involved with Hello Rewind, the remaining profits are recycled back into the company so that we can grow the business to support even more women.

Check out Hello Rewind at I'm going to dig out my old Police and U2 concert shirts (that are too small) and turn them into a rocking laptop sleeve.

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