Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Austin Pets Alive!

I love pets. I've had dogs and cats since childhood. I remember them all with love and the special joy they brought to my life. I have the best dog and cat in the world. You didn't know there was such a title but there is.

Mishka is half lab, half Great Pyrenees, all white and full of love and affection. Wagging his tail at all and loves to jump and give kisses. (we've tried to get him to stop jumping but no luck). Angel is a
black cat, not as friendly with strangers but full of love for her mom and dad. When she hears us moving around in the morning she starts meowing loudly at our door and will literally break it down to get in. From there, she jumps on the bed demanding to be petted then wants a morning treat from the kitchen. Same routine every day.

What they share in common is that they were both adopted from the Town Lake Animal Shelter. It is a city run shelter that euthanize the animals they receive. Austin Pets Alive is hoping to make Austin a no-kill city. Austin Pets Alive wants to work with the City of Austin and run the Town Lake Animal Shelter. All I know is that I want to save the lives on dogs and cats like my Angel and Mishka,

From and article on
Austin Pets Alive wants to take over the city's animal adoption program. Ellen Jefferson is president and veterinarian. She believes her organization can do an even better job at adopting out more animals.

“Our organization will focus on adoption 100 percent,” said Jefferson. “100 percent of our time, money, and effort will be spent on adoption which we believe will translate in more animals being adopted.”

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